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Be a Tech-Enabled CRE Servicer

We understand the operational hurdles and challenges of being a CRE servicer – demanding clients, pressure from management and ongoing requirements from regulatory agencies, just to name a few. One of the most critical components of being a successful servicer is technology. In today’s highly competitive environment, Excel plus a homegrown system alone won’t cut it. Many servicing platforms are not utilizing the right technology, and instead try to solve their problems with a combination of staffing up and stringing together multiple tools and legacy systems to meet their client’s expectations and compliance needs. These are not scalable or cost-effective answers. That’s why many of the top-rated servicers use RealINSIGHT – a state of the art technology that adapts to your processes, models and reporting templates to ensure you are operating smarter, leaner and always in compliance.

  • Quickly generate business plans and consent packages for approval
  • Set up checklists and ad hoc tasks to ensure the proper workflows and critical actions are being taken
  • Create rule-based notifications and alerts so you always know what’s happening
  • Automate ordering and timing of inspections, appraisals and third-party reports
  • Create watchlists to monitor loan portfolios
  • Continuously monitor financial statements, external events, borrowers, sponsors and tenants
  • Track loan and trust covenants

Streamline All Your Reporting

As a servicer, you have an enormous amount of data to keep track of and report on at all times. And each one of your clients, managers, investors, regulatory and financial agencies want to see their data a little differently. Comprehensive and customized reporting is time-consuming, overwhelming and cumbersome if you don’t have an easy way to share large amounts of data securely. A key feature of RealINSIGHT is that every field and each unique data point in the system can be added to a report so each stakeholder can receive their own customized template.

  • Create and send asset status reports
  • Easily generate updates on monthly remittances and cash activity
  • Log events with well-organized and time stamped commentary

Leave Homegrown
at Home

We know how long it takes and how much it costs to develop a fully functioning and user-friendly servicing system. That’s because we did it! It takes millions of dollars and many years to develop. As a servicer, you have enough on your plate as is and we are here to support you with the best-in-class technology specifically built for CRE lenders, investors and servicers. RealINSIGHT will enable you to impress your clients, satisfy the regulators, and scale your business. RealINSIGHT is ready to be the center of your servicing universe.

  • Flexible, customizable platform that grows with your operation
  • Consistent updates and new features
  • Dedicated technical support team

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