Cloud-Based CRE Loan Disposition Software

Cloud-Based CRE Loan Disposition Software from RealINSIGHT


For each one of your investments, there are hundreds of data points that are constantly being scrutinized, multiple parties to communicate and coordinate with and a constant inflow of critical decisions that need to be made daily. The stakes are high, and you cannot afford to take your eyes off the ball. That’s why RealINSIGHT is your solution – a cloud-based CRE asset management system that delivers next-generation results to leading CRE professionals and financial firms. RealINSIGHT helps to improve operational efficiencies while providing deep insights that lead to well-informed, confident decisions on each investment from start to finish.

Maximize Your Investment

RealINSIGHT lets you store, search and track all the details and history on each investment from day one. That mean no more searching through notes or digging through unorganized files. With your documents and models in one place, you can quickly benchmark actuals vs budget and run real time variance reports across multiple scenarios. Perform roll-ups based on an investment’s fiscal or standard calendar, portfolio, fund or investor group. By aggregating and maintaining standardized data along the way, you are fully prepared with the essential data to maximize your returns.

Turn Every Investment into Your Next Opportunity

With RealINSIGHT, you can dramatically improve and expand your valuable relationships with borrowers, sponsors, vendors, partners and more though robust workflows and communication channels. RealINSIGHT provides you with the tools necessary to increase visibility and create more touch points. Now you can build on your good relationships, transform promising leads into closed opportunities and turn bad deals away faster. All your work – the models, documents, valuations, cash flows, and narrative – it’s all there for the the whole organizatoin to use as data points and performance benchmarks. By capturing the full history of a transaction from origination to disposition, you can make smarter and safer investments with each new deal.

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