CRE Software for Lenders

CRE Software for Lenders
from RealINSIGHT

We understand that in this competitive lending environment, you are under pressure to win new business, while doing it responsibly and without cutting corners. But simply addressing higher volume by staffing up is not a scalable answer. Those costs can quickly add up, cutting into your margins. The only way to meet investor, client and management’s expectations is with technology. RealINSIGHT is your solution – a modern software that will help you dramatically reduce the time and effort to get good deals done quickly and accurately.

  • Access your critical data, checklists and Excel models in one system of record
  • Identify your exposures to each market, tenant, sponsor and more
  • Automatically reduce wasted time by filtering out bad deals, borrowers and terms
  • Run sensitivities on multiple investments and compare the respective KPI’s at once
  • Monitor convents, track each data point over time and benchmark against original underwriting projections

Mitigate Your Risk

CRE is privy to big rewards – but also big risks. When a lender becomes overwhelmed by a portfolio of assets without the proper systems in place, things can start to slip through the cracks. Even the slightest mistake can have huge implications across an organization. That’s why so many leading CRE lenders are using RealINSIGHT to take back control. Spend less time gathering and trying to get a handle on data, and more time gaining deeper insights into your investments. By making your data easy to access, update, analyze and share, you will be able to manage risk and jump on real opportunities faster.

Turn Data from Being a Stress Point
into an Valuable Resource

Aggregating investment data from multiple sources for each lending opportunity can be extremely manual, people intensive and error-prone. And once the data has been collected and normalized, simply using a business intelligence tool still leaves you needing to find your own insights. RealINSIGHT is different – the platform centralizes all your data in one place and then delivers insights to you, making all the CRE data you generate every day that much more valuable and actionable. RealINSIGHT helps transform your data from being an otherwise massive headache and resource drain, into a valuable asset.

  • Aggregate and standardize market data, monthly financials and performance goals
  • Work natively in your own Excel models and report templates
  • Streamline reporting based on your investors, clients and management requirements
  • Track and analyze investments at a granular level, from the full capital stack down to the individual tranches, securities and participations

Go Beyond Your CRM

CRMs make it hard to track information and communication, leading to data loss, missed opportunities and businesses that won’t scale. With RealINSIGHT, lenders can monitor transaction flow based on tracking each lead source, contact, meeting, and status to proactively win more deals. Reducing the unnecessary complexity will allow you to manage a higher volume with greater control and visibility. RealINSIGHT provides all this and more in an intuitive, accessible, user-friendly and fully customizable technology package.

  • Store source documents, reports and Excel models in one system of record
  • Assign tasks and responsibilities with due dates and priorities
  • Size every loan accurately and match each proposal to a product and funding source
  • Access automated daily feeds with current interest rates, benchmarks and indexes
  • Integrate your Salesforce, Argus, Yardi, Dropbox and others

Our next generation technology will enable you to cut through the noise, make data driven decisions and put your smart money to work faster.

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