CRE Loan Underwriting Software

Cloud-Based CRE
Loan Underwriting
from RealINSIGHT


We understand you’re under constant pressure to place more capital quickly. You can’t afford to waste valuable time gathering and normalizing data, digging through old emails and compiling broker notes. Your investors trust you to manage their capital responsibly, so there’s no cutting corners. To balance the demands, you must leverage technology. But everyone works differently, and you already have policies, procedures, models and reports that you depend on every day.

That’s why RealINSIGHT is your solution – a cloud-based CRE loan underwriting system that works the way you work. RealINSIGHT seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, proprietary excel models, internal naming conventions and custom reports. This makes it easier to cut through the noise, make data-driven decisions and put your money to work faster.

Supercharge Your Excel

Most CRE platforms want to replace your Excel – not RealINSIGHT, we love Excel! That’s why we made it an extension of our system. Your workbook is mapped against the RealINSIGHT data dictionary and available how and when you want to view it. Generate and download the model, fill it out and post the data back to the cloud. We even support updates. Just make the changes, hit save and see it the next time you generate the model.

Manage & Monitor the Workflow

RealINSIGHT allows you to create custom workflows that make it easy for everyone to follow the right steps, collect required documents and record approval procedures for your underwriting projects. With RealINSIGHT, your teams and management can always see what’s happening for all current and upcoming underwriting projects.

Turn Data Into a Competitive Advantage

By using RealINSIGHT to underwrite, you can capture the full history of each opportunity. With permission based access, anyone in your organization can view the entire narrative, including different versions of the analysis and each iteration of the model. So, even if the deal doesn’t happen, you have the data in the right place. This helps you build up a dataset for a competitive advantage on future transactions. Your data plus third-party market research will always keep you steps ahead.

Learn how RealINSIGHT can help you improve underwriting efficiencies with a customized demo for your firm.