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Execute Your Business Plan

As a commercial real estate investor, you face many unique challenges every day, you’re under constant pressure to find attractive, profitable investments and the margin for error is razor thin. Without the use of modern technology, it can be unnecessarily difficult to evaluate opportunities and trends quickly and accurately. That’s why RealINSIGHT is your solution – you will gain a new level of control over your CRE investments by centralizing all your data in one place, making it easier to efficiently manage multiple projects at once. With the power of RealINSIGHT, you can concentrate on executing on your business plan on time and with less risk.

  • Track and analyze performance metrics at the individual property level, or aggregate based on any criteria, including portfolio, investor or fund
  • Consolidate information from all your third party vendors, including accounting and valuation platforms, using our robust integration tools

Manage More, Faster
with Less

CRE investing is all about creating efficiencies to achieve as much risk-adjusted upside as possible for your investors, clients and managers. With RealINSIGHT, you always know who’s responsible for what, by when and what’s coming next. Workflows can be used to help track, delegate and prioritize around an organized and standardized set of processes and checklists. With a shared, clear view, there will be no more surprises so the team can stay focused on completing their tasks and projects on time.

  • Analyze leases, rent rolls, CapEx, TI/LC reserves and other escrows
  • Create your capital plans and benchmark budget against actuals with real time variance analysis
  • Create checklists and tasks to track accountability for all parties involved in executing the business plan
  • Integrate cash flows, valuations and accounting systems seamlessly

Work The Way
You Like to Work

As a CRE investor, you are often stuck relying on a combination of property level accounting software and Excel. But just using these tools alone can actually make your job harder. You spend too much time on data collection, hardcoding and manipulating just to make sense of it all. Instead, you could be getting the answers you need delivered directly to you in the exact format you are used to. By using RealINSIGHT, you can eliminate the busy work by centralizing all your essential data in one place, while giving you the ability to use your proprietary models, your established chart of accounts and your own custom reports, so you can work, the way you like to work.

  • Integrate and monitor all CRE budgets and actual financial reporting packages at the asset, loan or portfolio level
  • Track all stabilization efforts and construction/renovation projects by asset, responsible person(s), tenant, asset or portfolio
  • Stay up to date on all capital projects, future funding requests and loan facility obligations

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