CRE Loan Asset Management Software

Cloud-Based CRE Loan
Asset Management
Software from RealINSIGHT

Asset Management

We know how tracking each loan covenant, operating milestone, performance metric and consent package can be a big undertaking, especially when your platform starts to hit a critical mass. Without technology, you must rely on manually gathering market data and hardcoding that information into your models and reports. RealINSIGHT is your solution – modern technology to help you gather, standardize and report on all your data and insights, in one centralized place.

Track Risk and Spot Opportunities

The collection and management of disparate data takes time away from high-impact surveillance activities like staying ahead of environmental threats, tracking tenants and sponsor legal filings or digging into the financial and operating health of your portfolios. With RealINSIGHT, you will not only get these answers delivered daily, but you can use this knowledge to quickly see how your investments are performing against their original underwriting, business plans and comparable assets.

Efficiently Manage Your Portfolio

You are constantly being asked to do more with less. Performing tasks like reviewing borrower monthly financial packages, creating and maintain watchlists, deep diving into focus assets or troublesome tenants/sponsors, writing detailed commentary, processing borrower requests and updating assumptions to your model. Without a huge support staff, these responsibilities can become overwhelming and hugely time consuming. With RealINSIGHT, automated alerts and notifications help you stay on top of your workflow and interactive dashboards provide analytics with the answers you need so you’re never caught off guard.

Report on Your Portfolio

RealINSIGHT makes it easy to provide updates to your managers, investors and clients. Integrations with market data providers reduces the time needed to perform your quarterly reporting. Sort and filter based on any data point such as asset type, geography, sponsor or portfolio, and export to your Excel models for further analysis. Generate customized reports to individual investors or create batch reporting to large groups in one shot. When it’s time to react to real world challenges, RealINISGHT enables you to respond decisively and report with full transparency.

Learn how RealINSIGHT can help you streamline CRE Asset Management processes with a customized demo for your firm.